Kevin Spiritus


Working Papers

Optimal Taxation of Normal and Excess Returns to Risky Assets
     (with Robin Boadway)

Optimal Taxation of Capital Income when Rates of Return are Heterogeneous
     (with Bas Jacobs, Aart Gerritsen and Alexandra Rusu)

Work in Progress

Optimal Taxation with Multiple Incomes and Types
     (with Etienne Lehmann, Sander Renes and Floris Zoutman)

Redistribution, Distortion and Implementation: Unpacking the Optimal Two-Dimensional Tax Schedule
     (with Floris Zoutman)

Optimal Linear Commodity Taxation with Multidimensional Households

Intergenerational inequality in welfare: facts and values
     (with AndrĂ© Decoster and Erik Schokkaert)